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There may be changes in our Cookies Policy to adjust to the new developments in the technology or the legislation regarding data security. You can visit this page to know about the updates or changes made in the policy.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website’s server sends to your computer or any mobile device. The file is stored in your browser. When you visit a site or go through its pages, your browser passes this data to our site’s server. With the help of this information received from the user’s browser, the site knows about the user’s preferences.

Cookies on Marcy Turner Design

The information gained by sending cookies to your browser helps us in enriching your user experience while navigating our site or using its services. We can also make sign-in procedures with our site easier for you. If there are no cookies in your computer from our end, our server will not be remembering your details and you may be required to enter all of your login detail each time you visit the site for its services. Cookies help us in providing you with all of our features or services.

Our site may also send performance-based cookies to your computer. These types of cookies help us in collecting the information if a user has visited our site before or the pages visited most by the user. So, with the help of cookies, you will navigate through our site’s pages quickly and easily for an improved user experience.

Websites send cookies to users’ computer systems or mobile devices also to know whether the user has seen an advertisement or not. If the user has already seen the ad, the site will not repeat it on other pages of the site.

We never gather any information about identifying you as a user of our site and services. The cookies enable us only to find out the information about the services and content our users prefer the most so that we can improve our services.

Control on Cookies

We use the cookies to enhance your user experience at our site. However, if you want to have control over the types of cookies that we store on your computer or mobile device, you can set restrictions on the cookies.

You can make changes in your browser settings to have control over the cookies. You can choose to accept the cookies or ask the browser to notify you when a cookie is set on your computer or mobile phone. You also have the option of rejecting all cookies.

In case you disable or reject all the cookies, you will not be able to access some features and functions of our website.