I’m sure you have a million questions! Here are some of the ones I get all the time, along with what I hope are helpful answers. If any do not fully answer your question, or you don’t see yours at all, please feel free to contact me at any time and I will get back to you ASAP!


This is probably your first and most important question! Although the process is different depending on which service you are looking for, the first step is always me getting to know exactly what you are looking for so I can tailor your project specifically to your needs and desires. To get started, fill out this simple form, and then I will get back to you with the next steps.

The general process for all projects involves me taking your information and creating draft versions of your product for your review. If it is a logo, sign/board, or invitation, I will give you 3-4 versions, and we will go back and forth until we have one you and the guest of honor absolutely love (even if that means coming up with completely new ones)!

For montages, I will always get a draft version to you in time to make final changes and edits before you need to get it to your DJ or other person presenting it at your event.

My goal is always to make the process as simple and smooth as possible for you!


There are almost limitless color choices for your projects! You can choose from the available colors page on this site, you can tell us the Pantone color you would like to use, or you can even send me a copy of your invitation or any other image and I can match the color to that! 

A few things to keep in mind for logos that you are planning on having printed on swag such as clothing, bags, towels (basically things other than paper, foam board, etc.):

  • The more colors you choose, the more expensive it will likely be to print. Therefore, I always suggest trying to limit the logo to 2-3 colors. For a very small fee I can do a separate logo with more colors that you can use on items such as signs, stickers, etc.
  • When choosing colors, keep in mind that glitter and metallic options will also be more expensive to print, and may not always look the same printed as they do on a computer screen. I can discuss this with you at greater length if it is something you are considering, but it is definitely more difficult/expensive so I always like to warn people so there is no disappointment (I have a teenage daughter, so I know it’s important to avoid drama whenever possible)!
  • Finally, keep in mind that colors on the screen may look different when printed. In fact, the colors on my screen may look different on your screen. I will always provide you with the Hex codes so you can give them to your printer, but always be sure to get a proof before having your entire order printed so you know you are getting exactly what you have pictured in your mind!!


I will admit it. I have a bit of a problem and have a million fonts saved on my computer. And I keep adding more. So the odds are that if you ask me for a particular font I already have it. Or if you describe a font I can find one that matches it. And if I don’t have it, I am happy to go look for it for you! Please note that there are some fonts that cannot be used without a license. I already have a license for many, but once in a while someone will ask me for a font and when I find it I learn that the only way to download it is to pay a substantial sum of money. If that happens I will come back to you and we can discuss all of the options at that point.

A good way to see various font options is to explore sample logos in the Gallery.


The number of photos depends on how long you’d like the montage to be. I’d suggest between 11-13 min, but if it is a little over it’s not a big deal. You should plan for about 3 seconds per photo which includes transition time. As you can see in the sample montages on this site, I can combine common photos (like at a similar event, or all from the same sport/activity/party, etc) into a single slide which saves space and also adds some style. Based on this I would try to stay at 250 pics or less if possible. However, if you are really stuck I always say to send what you have and I can let you know what I can do!

Once you have decided on your photos, you need to organize them in folders by the sections you’d like in the montage. This makes it easier for me, but it also ensures that the right photos go in the right places. So for example, baby, kid, parents, siblings, extended family, friends. Some people do a sports section and/or a camp section (my daughter had both for example). It’s totally up to you. I once did one where they had the mitzvah boy in one section in the beginning through about 9-10 and then the final section of the montage of him ages 10-13. It came out really cool. Be creative!!

When adding photos to each folder, they should be named in a way that reflects the order you’d like each to appear in the montage. So, for example, Baby-1, Baby-2, etc. Or family-1, family-2, etc.

When you have all of your folders complete, you will need to share them with me. You can do this via Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. If none of these work for you we will work something out (for example, if you are local you can drop off a flash drive). Don’t worry, I will help you get me your photos even if technology isn’t your thing! 


It is never too early to start going through and sorting your photos (just be sure to have some tissue nearby). Unlike when we were kids, digital cameras have made it so that not only do we now take a gazillion pics, we only save the good ones! This makes paring down the ones of your gorgeous kiddos nearly impossible.

The best advice I got when diving into this for my son’s montage 7 years ago was to look at each photo and think about whether anyone else would actually care about it. So many of our favorite photos reflect perfect moments that outsiders won’t appreciate, no matter how special they are to us. As hard as it is, try to look at your photos from an outside perspective and put together a story of the first 12 or 13 years of his/her/their lives.

It also helps to have a set of neutral eyes look at your first attempt at choosing photos (which will likely be at least twice as many as you need). Find that friend who is brutally honest and have him or her go through your choices and cut out the ones they believe are not necessary. Of course, there will likely be some that you have to have, but at least this will help you get rid of some.

Grab a glass of wine. Breathe. This is a process. I am here to help. If your montage is a minute longer because you couldn’t cut out a few pics your friends and family will still love you. I promise.


Sometimes you may notice that when you take pics with your phone and then upload them to your computer they show up in this weird format – .HEIC. Not to worry…just include them with the rest of your photos and I will convert them for you! 😀


While there is no limit to the number of songs you can use, typically people use one song per section. This helps to keep each section separate and unique. I carefully trim each song to fit the section while staying within the time limits of the overall montage.

Choosing songs is an important part of the montage process. Some people just choose popular songs. Others choose sentimental ones or ones that fit the theme of the section (like “We Are Family”). And some choose songs that have a special meaning. For example, my son really wanted the song Clocks by Coldplay in his, as it reminded him of when my husband drove him to preschool and played it every single day.

My suggestion is that you don’t just choose a song because you think the name fits. I have had several instances when I have wondered why a song was chosen after actually listening to the words (and when I am making a montage I hear each song many, many times). Some songs actually have the opposite meaning of what the title suggests, so definitely listen to the song before making any final decisions!

I am happy to make suggestions or even surprise you – again, it’s all up to you!


The most honest answer I can provide is it depends. First, it depends on the type of project. It obviously takes longer to create a montage than a logo, for example. Next, it depends on how busy I am when you contact me. If my schedule is completely open then my typical turnaround time for custom logos, invitations, stickers, and similar items is 1-2 weeks from the time I get all of your information (i.e., that is when you will receive the initial drafts). Ideally, I like to have a month before the event for a montage, but 3-4 weeks is fine. We will work out a timetable together based on my schedule and other deadlines.

However, if I already have several other projects in the works, it will take longer. I will always be honest with you when I respond to your initial request, and always try to finish things as quickly as possible. If you are in dire need of something right away, I do offer a rush charge. I always suggest that you get started before you think you should, as the event date sneaks up on you and it always feels great to be prepared!


Just like each project is unique, so is its price. Most of my services have a flat rate; however, if I believe what you are looking for will take me a substantially longer amount of time than usual, I will let you know during our initial conversation how much more the service will cost.

Baseline prices for each service are as follows:

Custom Logo Design: $150

Custom Invitation Design (Design only, no printing): $200

Custom Sign-In Board Design (Design only, no printing – can have printed for you for an additional charge): $150

Custom Table Board Design (Design only, no printing – can have printed for you for an additional charge): $250

Custom Montage Creation: Montages start at $350 and vary depending on number of photos and videos. Unique opening and closing videos, custom backgrounds, and more are available for an additional charge. For specific rates please visit this page.

For items not mentioned, please see specifics on their site pages.


It’s a crazy, busy world and I know how valuable your time is (I’m at 10 years and counting as a travel soccer mom so trust me, I get it)! Because of this, the vast majority of my communication with clients is via text or email. It is also better to connect this way since I am often sending samples (fonts, colors, designs, etc.). However, if you would prefer to chat over the phone I am always happy to, just let me know!